This is the band

Johnny and the Raindrops

Gigs for cool kids and funky families!


Twangin’ on a guitar! Bangin’ on a drum!  Look out everybody ‘cause here come …


Johnny and the Raindrops play jump-up-and-down-rocking-and-rolling-can’t-sit-down-best-time-ever music for children and families.  They write lively and original songs that get children (and grown ups) dancing and moving, singing and grooving.


Based in Nottingham, the band has been steadily creating a name for themselves as the UK’s hottest live band for children and families.  Their ‘gigs for cool kids’ provide children from birth to 10 with their own pop idols, plus scores of great songs, props and costumes that encourage children’s participation in music.


Johnny, Andy, Darren and Matt have played extensively around the Midlands with successful and prestigious appearances at the Theatre Royal, Lakeside International Children’s Festival, Nottingham Ice Arena, Southwell Folk Festival, Riverside Festival, Glastonbudget, Farnstock, Arnold Carnival, Eastwood Festival, Ambergate Carnival, Sherwood Festival, etc. as well as hundreds of gigs in schools, libraries, bandstands, village halls, etc.


The band have released seven album of original songs, a Greatest Hits CD and a live DVD, and have previously been commissioned to write special children’s songs about endangered animals and the value of reading.  They are well known locally and are looking to spread their reach to youngsters everywhere.


The band’s child-friendly lyrics about pirates, planets, parts of the body, aliens, mermaids, robots, teddies, rhyming, colours of the rainbow, counting and vegetables are coupled to fun, fresh and funky music that is crafted and played with love and care.  The band’s beautifully-basic sound blends, skiffle, soul, punk, electro, folk, blues, Glam rock … you name it!