Twangin' on a guitar. Bangin' on a drum. Look out everybody. HERE WE COME!

Johnny and the Raindrops 

have been making music for children and grown-ups since 2008. The band's original, engaging and uplifting songs are lovingly crafted to get folks jumping, smiling and thinking.

Their ‘gigs for cool kids’ have thrilled audiences at hundreds of festivals, community events, theatres, libraries, schools, parties and gigs. Songs from their seven albums are brought to life with costumes, props and a whole heap of help from the audience. Future rock stars get onstage with guitars, tambourines and shakers. Expect flying teddy bears, kids in vegetable costumes, punk rock pogoing, pirate lessons, cats in windows and more.

‘Infectious, joyous fun … packed with feel-good songs … perfect for a family audience’

BBC Radio Nottingham

Their songs have been played in schools and homes, and on TV and radio all around the world.

'Lend a Friend a Hand' was nominated for the Roundglass song writing award in New York.

'Shine a Light' has been sung by school children in the Arctic Circle, Germany and New Zealand!

 Intelligent, funny, catchy songs... kept the adults and kids entertained

Gig parent

Johnny has a PhD in music made for children. He has written an academic book on the subject called 'Spinning the Child: Musical Constructions of Childhood through Records, Radio and Television' and other academic journal articles.


He has spoken at international conferences on many areas of children's music. He is a leading scholar in the field.

Brilliant at involving all ages. Highly recommended!

Community event organiser

Couldn't recommend them more! Best rock songs with children's themes but adult twists in them: a truly family musical experience!

Gig goer